Several useful PowerShell cmdlets for Office 365

November 22, 2016By Maarten PeetersExchange Online, Office 365, PowerShell, SharePoint Online No Comments

On 22-11-2016 I presented a presentation with the title “Manage Office365 quick, painless and safe with PowerShell” at Experts Live 2016. During this presentation I showed several useful PowerShell cmdlets for Office365 and mainly for the Azure Active Directory, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Office365 Groups. The cmdlets presented can be downloaded as a .zip … Read More

Mails aren’t being moved to the archive mailbox using Exchange Online

October 13, 2016By Maarten PeetersExchange Online, Office 365 No Comments

A customer migrated all mailboxes to Office 365 using a cut-over migration. We decided to enable archiving for all users because of the large archive folder Microsoft gives us in Exchange Online. During the archive process some users reported that their archive mailbox isn’t being updated using the retention policy. We first tried to manually … Read More

Possible uses for the PowerShell loop through each site script

June 12, 2016By Maarten PeetersOffice 365, PowerShell, SharePoint Online No Comments

A few posts ago I created a script that loops through each site in a site collection. The script is located at I’ll use this post to add all the commands I’ve used with this script. The below commands are specially created for SharePoint Online and it’s using the CSOM. Changing Locale ID for … Read More