MigrationPermanentException error when migrating Google Mail (Gmail) to Office 365

This error (MigrationPermanentException: We had trouble signing in to this account. Please confirm that you‎’re using the correct user name and password.) can give you a real headache because the guide from Microsoft is easy to follow and things should’nt go wrong (normally). We’ve got this error for only 1 user while migrating a couple of users from Gmail to Office 365. I have read a lot of blogs saying the same thing and this is as follows:

  • Verify your .CSV file is correct with the three standard columns
  • Verify your app password

We’ve resetted the password a few times and created a new password after setting up two way auth again but this didn’t solve the problem. My issue was related to a Gmail setting that the specific user had disabled.


1. Go to the Gmail site using the users credentials

2. Go to settings

3. Click on the POP/IMAP tab

4. Enable IMAP for this mailbox
4a. it can take 1 hour before this setting is active