Hi! My name is Maarten Peeters and I'm 29 years old. I work for Valid @ Eindhoven as an SharePoint Specialist. My job involves the installation, configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting of SharePoint and Office 365 but also a variety of Microsoft & VMWare products. At Valid, we believe that the successful implementation of Information & Communication Technology is an enabler for our clients to excel and making them true leaders in their respective fields. This is how Valid lives up to its motto, "Stay Ahead" For more information about Valid you can visit their website @ www.valid.nl

My interests for computers began when I was very young. I started with the commodore 64 by repairing these for friends and family and later on I began to learn about personal computers which I also fixed for friends and family. I worked with almost every kind of operating system and gained knowledge in Microsoft and a couple of linux operating systems. Only at the age of 17 I began to work with Microsoft servers at the Fontys university Eindhoven. I worked my way to my degree and at that point I started to work for The Triple A Company.

I taught myself the hardware and software side of personal computers and later on for servers. During my worktime at Triple A and Valid I obtained a fair share of Microsoft certificates as you can see below on the picture. When I'm not working I'm busy with the creation of websites and maintaining my own servers. I'm not a developer but I know my way trough PowerShell, C#, HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL. My other hobby's are my motorcycle, home automation, airbrush, model trains and playing trumpet in an orchestra.